Residential Property Management

Protect Yourself, Your Family, Your Property & Your Home

Things to Do (and Not Do) Before a Hurricane Hits: 

  • Fill up your vehicle(s).

  • Fill up extra containers with water (non-drinking).

  • Fill your tubs with water.

  • Refill prescriptions.

  • Outline your emergency plan.

  • Retain a map with locations of emergency escape routes and shelters.

  • Secure your pets; have food and water available for them.  Toys and treats are a plus.  If possible, make arrangements to have them boarded.

  • Clean your yard of all items such as bicycles, toys, lawn furniture, lawn mowers and garbage cans.

  • DO NOT board up the windows of the house without prior permission.  If any damage is done due to the boarding up of windows without permission, repairs are the tenant’s responsibility.

  • Gather together the items in the box on the right to be available to use in an emergency or to put in your car if there is an evacuation.

  • If there is an evacuation, please make sure everything is secure, including windows being shut and doors being locked, and then leave.  You are much better off being safe because you left than being sorry later because you stayed.



Food, Drinking Water & Ice
Include non-perishable foods such as canned meat and fish, soups, bottled water (at least one gallon per person per day), juices, fruit, coffee/tea, bread, peanut butter, granola bars, trail mix, crackers and cookies.  Don’t forget an ice chest and containers of refreezable “ice”.

Cooking Supplies
Matches, cooking utensils, aluminum foil, cooking pot or skillet, pot holder, work gloves, manual can opener, paper plates, plastic cups, paper towels, zip lock bags and trash bags.  Make sure to have a portable fire extinguisher and burn ointment.

Personal Items
Clothes, personal hygiene items, blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, toilet paper, first aid kit and medicines, including prescriptions.

Batteries, flashlights, radio, weather radio, lanterns, camp stove, fuel, AC adapter for your car, car charger for your cell phone and a generator if possible.  Identification for yourself and family, cash (small bills), credit cards and jewelry should all be put into a sealed zip lock bag.  You should also create an address book with handwritten names and numbers.

Books, board games, cards, magazines, crossword puzzles, pens, pencils, crayons and small toys for children.


For more information, please click on SC Hurricane Guide.