Residential Property Management

HOA Management

In addition to Property Management, we also work with several Homeowner Associations to provide them with services to help their associations run more smoothly and efficiently.


Sending out dues statements to owners
Collecting dues payments
Depositing dues payments into the HOA bank account
Following up on unpaid billing statements
Maintaining HOA checkbook and reconciling bank statements
Paying bills for the HOA
Providing monthly statements of income and expenses to the HOA treasurer
Providing year end summary reports of income and expenses to the HOA treasurer
Maintaining a master list of homeowners
Answering questions about dues from homeowners
Corresponding with real estate attorneys about closings
Sending 1099's to vendors at the end of the tax year


Driving through the association neighborhood to determine violations
Sending notices to homeowners who are in violation
Following up on unresolved and/or unpaid violations


Fees are paid monthly and are based on the number of units in your association.

We've been providing services for several years for more than 1,300 properties, which means we're experienced enough and big enough to handle your association's needs, yet small enough so that your association is still important.

If you would like more information on how we can help your association or if you would like to obtain a quote for the services you would like us to provide, please call.