Benefits For You

Yes, there is a cost associated with having a licensed and professional company manage your rental property.  It's called a management fee and in our company it's a percentage of the monthly rent.  While this fee can be deducted on your income taxes, it is an expense for you that you need to calculate in your budget.  We do feel that the benefits shown below are worth much more than the fee.

In the areas of South Carolina that we serve, Summerville, Goose Creek, North Charleston, Ladson and Hanahan, our marketing plan has been proven to work.  The average days on market for rental properties in the Charleston/Trident MLS in our market area has consistently been around 45 days.  Our time on the market averages about 21 days!
The benefit for you, as a landlord, is that the difference in marketing time could save you one half month of unpaid rent, or more.

We investigate tenant applicants.  We check their credit reports, verify income, check rental references, perform background check including criminal, sex registry and evictions.
The benefit for you, as a landlord, is that we find quality tenants for your rental property.

We qualify prospective tenants to make sure they have enough monthly income to afford to rent your property.
The benefit for you, as a landlord, is that you wll have a tenant that will make the rent payments each month.

We require all tenants to carry $100,000 of liability insurance on the property to protect you in the event of tenant-caused damage to the home and $300,000 of personal liability insurance if they have a dog, also to protect you.
The benefit for you, as a landlord, is that you are protected should the property or someone in the property be harmed.

​We make it easier for you to be a landlord.  We can provide services that include every aspect of managing a rental property, except cashing your owner's check and doing your taxes.  We collect and hold security deposits; we collect rents and any other fees; we direct deposit owner's funds into your bank account monthly, usually by the 10th of the month; we oversee all maintenance for the property; we perform semi-annual inspections of the property--90 days after move in and 90 days before the lease is due to renew--to make sure your property is being taken care of.
The benefit for you, as a landlord, is that​ you have peace of mind knowing someone is watching over your rental property.

​Owning a rental property can be very rewarding.  But it can also be very stressful.  We try to eliminate as many of the stressfull parts so you can enjoy more of the rewarding parts.
The benefit for you, as a landlord, is that​ you will have a better rental property ownership experience.

We are a licensed, professional property management company and managing rental properties is our only business.  While we treat all tenants fairly and honestly, our legal, or fiduciary, responsibility is to represent you, the owner of the rental property. 
The benefit for you, as a landlord, is that you always have our loyalty as we are always looking out for you and your interests.

If you feel our benefits of property management are what you want in the company that manages your rental property, call us at 866-969-2505 or click on the "Contact Us" form.
The benefit for you, as a landlord, is that​ you can have the first two months of management fees waived and also receive a free quote on what your property should rent for.  Just mention that you saw this offer on our website.